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Luxury China Adventure

*** September 9 - 23, 2014 ***

15 Day Luxury Adventure

This five city tour plus river cruise adventure starts with the imperial wonders of Beijing, continues to the dynastic capitol of Xian, then we fly to the subtropical timeless beauty of Guilin, cruise down the Yangtze River and finally conclude in the ultra-modern city of Shanghai. Complimentary day trip to the cities of Suzhou & Tongli available from Shanghai.

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General Information

China Itinerary Map With its imperial treasures, historical wonders, amazing landscapes and stunning modernity, China never ceases to amaze.

Our adventure begins in Beijing. Beijing first became an imperial capital during the Mongol Yuan dynasty (1279–1368), and both the Ming and Qing emperors ruled from the Forbidden City at its heart. Discover China's proud capital and its countless imperial treasures such as the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven and the legendary Great Wall.

Temple of Heaven Next stop is Xian which served as capital to 11 dynasties over a period of 4,000 years and peaked during the Tang dynasty. Xian is the home of the impressive legion of Terracotta Warriors. We will also visit the Wild Goose Pagoda, the Bell & Drum Tower built in 1384 and bicycle on the ancient City Wall.

We will fly to the subtropical city of Guilin. This is where you will see China's most amazing natural landscapes. It is revered for its picturesque limestone pinnacles and winding Li River. This scenery of timeless beauty has inspired Chinese poets for thousands of years. We will also enjoy a hiking tour to the hidden gem of Longsheng's Dragon Spine Terraces. Longji (Dragon's Backbone) Terraced Rice Fields received their name because the rice terraces resemble a dragon's scales, while the summit of the mountain range looks like the backbone of the dragon.

In the mountain city of Chongqing, board the Victoria Cruise ship for our 3-night cruise down the Yangtze River. Sail through the picturesque Gorges and tour the Three Gorges Dam site. The Yangtze River is the third longest river in the world, after the Amazon and the Nile. The Three Gorges Dam is the largest hydro-electric power station in the world.

Yu Gardens in Old Shanghai Your trip concludes in Shanghai, an ultra-modern city that offers a fascinating glimpse into China's future. Shanghai has three main areas. The Old City is typically Chinese, with alleys, markets, and temples to the South, is comprised with the French Concession to the West and the British and American Concessions to the North. The Old City is the site of the Yu Gardens, Shanghai's finest traditional garden. The second main area is The Bund, the riverside promenade lined with grand colonial buildings, including the Fairmont Peace Hotel and the Shanghai Club, and the city's two main shopping streets, Nanjing Road and Huaihai Road. The newest area, Pudong, has some of the highest buildings in the world. Our visit to Shanghai will not be complete until we watch a performance from the world famous Shanghai Acrobats with their magnificent gymnastic feats. An optional day trip from Shanghai can be spent visiting the charming water towns of Suzhou and Tongli, which have delightful gardens, bridges, canals, and traditional homes.

Other helpful information:

  • China's electrical current is 220V, 50 cycles AC.
  • Beijing Standard Time is adopted for the entire country. It is 8 hours ahead of GMT.
  • Average temperture will vary for each city on our tour. The overall high for our trip will range from 75 to 88 degrees. The overall low will range from 60 to 72 degrees.
  • The gratuities of $10 per person per travel day to cover your tour guides, drivers, and porters are recommended.

Trip Highlights


Forbidden City / Summer Palace / Temple of Heaven / Great Wall of China / Hutongs / Olympic Bird Nest Stadium / Winter Palace

Xian Dynastic Capitol

Terracotta Warriors / Tang Dynasty Pagoda / Bicycle the City Wall / Ming Dynasty Bell & Drum Tower Built in 1384 / Grand China Dinner Theater Performance


The Li River / Longsheng's Dragon Spine Terraces

Yangtze River Cruise

Sail the 3 Gorges / Shibaozhai Temple / Peapod Boat Excursion / Sandouping Locks (largest water locks in the world) / Three Gorges Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant


Tour City & Jimao Tower (3rd Tallest Building in China) / Shanghai Acrobats / People's Square / Shanghai Museum / XinTianDi (Shanghai’s Trendiest Night Spots)

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

  • The Great Wall
  • Forbidden City
  • Summer Palace
  • Temple of Heaven: an Imperial Sacrificial Altar in Beijing
  • Terra-cotta Warriors and Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, Xian

Outside the Forbidden City Inside the Forbidden City Exploring the Temple of Heaven Climbing the Great Wall Hanging out with the Terracotta Warriors Shopping in Shanghai Suzhou Gardens


15 Day China Adventure

Day 1 ~ Sept 9th: Depart USA

Depart USA on International Flight
Depart USA on International Flight
Your exotic journey to China begins as your international flight departs the USA from LAX Airport at 1:20 pm enroute to Beijing. Arrive in Beijing the next day at 5:00 pm. You lose a day as you cross the International Dateline. You'll recover this day on your return trip.

Day 2 ~ Sept 10th: Beijing

City of Beijing
City of Beijing

Hotel: JW Marriott Hotel Beijing (View Photos)

Arrive in Beijing in the late afternoon. Meet your local representative and transfer to your hotel in the heart of Beijing. Your hotel is conveniently located near Beijing's major shopping malls, upscale restaurants, and tourist attractions. Relax and enjoy the evening in China's historic and vibrant capital city.

Day 3 ~ Sept 11th: Beijing

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Start your day with a hearty breakfast and a tour briefing for the entire day.

  • Tiananmen Square
    Tiananmen Square
    Tiananmen Square is the world's largest public square. It is 100 acres surrounded by many historical buildings, museums and Communist monuments, including Mao's Mausoleum. You can walk through the Gate of Heavenly Peace, under the famous portrait of Chairman Mao, to enter the Forbidden City, the symbolic center and monument to dynastic China, from which 24 emperors of the Ming and the Qing Dynasties ruled for nearly 500 years.
    • Forbidden City
      Forbidden City
      The Forbidden City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the world's largest palace complex and China's most magnificent imperial architecture, consisting of many buildings with 9,999 rooms, on a 250-acre compound, protected by a 20-foot-wide moat and a 32-foot-high wall. Now known as the Palace Museum, the Forbidden City was the exclusive domain of the imperial court and dignitaries where outside visitors were forbidden for 5 centuries. Here you will explore the imperial treasures in the grand palaces and pavilions, exquisite courtyards and gardens in what was once the residence of China's emperors.
  • Stroll through the local ancient neighborhoods and we will visit a local market and meet a local family where we will have a cooking demonstration and enjoy the lunch that we can take part in preparing.
  • Beijing Panda Center
    Beijing Panda Center
    In the afternoon, visit the Beijing Panda Center. Zoos around the world that receive Pandas have usually started their life in Sichuan Province where 800 of the world's 1,000 remaining giant panda reside. They are cleared thru the Beijing Panda Center. Giant Panda is officially considered "National Treasure" by Chinese government and is often used to cultivate relationships with other countries with "Panda Diplomacy".
  • We will return late afternoon to the hotel and assemble for our group welcome dinner.

Day 4 ~ Sept 12th: Beijing

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • Sacred Way to the Ming Dynasty Tombs
    Sacred Way to Ming Dynasty Tombs
    Morning: After Breakfast we travel by luxury motor coach to the Sacred Way Ming Dynasty Tombs. The finest imperial tomb architecture that include 36 massive stone sculptures of Lions, Elephants and other animals both real and mythical.
  • Great Wall of China
    Great Wall of China
    Afternoon: Lunch at the renowned Jade center before driving through the mountains to reach China's most recognized monument, the Great Wall. The Great Wall winds through China's northern mountain ranges from the Yellow Sea to the Gobi Desert, a distance of over 3500 miles.
  • Late Afternoon: At this section of the wall you will learn the history of this engineering marvel. You can ride a gondola up to the highest point for an extraordinary views of the valley below, and/or explore its impressive watchtowers, ramparts, carriageways at your own pace. You can take a toboggan ride that was made for the Olympics down the mountain to where you started.

Day 5 ~ Sept 13th: Beijing - Xian

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • Temple of Heaven
    Temple of Heaven
    Morning: Visit the Temple of Heaven, the largest temple complexes in China, a superb example of Chinese architectural and symbolism. The Temple of Heaven is perhaps the finest expression of this mixing of complete opposites.
  • Imperial Summer Palace
    Imperial Summer Palace
    Early Afternoon: Visit the Summer Palace. Considered the finest Chinese imperial garden, the Summer Palace spans over 700 acres with beautiful views, temples, pavilions, palaces and halls including the renown and superbly painted "Long Corridor".
  • Late Afternoon: Transfer to airport for flight to Xian, located in the yellow river watershed. Xian is one of the birthplaces of civilization. It has seen 3,100 years of development and 11 dynasties, giving it equal fame, by the United Nations world heritage organization, (UNESCO) with Athens, Rome and Cairo as one of the four major ancient civilization capitals.

Day 6 ~ Sept 14th: Xian

Hotel: Sheraton Xian North (View Photos)
Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • Terra Cotta Warriors
    Terra Cotta Warriors
    Morning: Travel to modern China's greatest archaeological discovery—The Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses, which silently guarded the tomb of China's First Emperor for over 2,200 years. The extensive excavation, still in progress, has yielded over 6000 life-sized terra cotta warriors, each individually sculpted, with the physical characteristics of the humans they were modeled after. Archers, infantrymen, horses and bronze chariots have also been unearthed, but it's only a fraction of the total buried there to protect the tomb of the first Qin emperor. A Circle Vision documentary is available on site. Lunch at a local restaurant and see a noodle making demonstration.
  • Afternoon: Visit a Yao Dong, this is a cave dug into mountainsides with a signature arched front. Usually, one family unit consists of three arched openings, and the units are interconnected inside. Outside of the cities of this region, some 90% of the rural population lives in yaodongs.
  • Evening: Attend a feast of culinary and cultural delights with a special Dinner followed by a fascinating Tang Dynasty stage show where you can travel back in time to the world of China's Golden Age, a period of prosperity and exceptional creativity lasting 300 years.

Day 7 ~ Sept 15th: Xian - Guilin

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • Wild Goose Pagoda
    Wild Goose Pagoda
    Morning: Tour the Wild Goose Pagoda, a Tang Dynasty landmark. This astounding seven-story pagoda was constructed in 652 AD to house the Buddhist scrolls brought back from India by the monk, Xuan Zang, who translated them into Chinese. He also wrote the classic, The Journey to the West which highlights his pilgrimage to India.
  • Xian Bell Tower
    Xian Bell Tower
    Afternoon: Walk to the heart of the city. In the center of Xian, visible everywhere from the surrounding city walls, are the city's two Ming Dynasty treasures, Bell and Drum Towers. Built in 1384, the Bell Tower, in which a great bell once rang at dawn, is a classic example of Ming architecture. It consists of a triple-eaved, two story wooden pavilion resting on a square brick platform 100 ft. high, accented by four grand archways. Across the square from the Bell Tower is the rectangular Drum Tower, where a drum is beaten daily at sundown. First erected in 1380, the Drum Tower has become the gateway to Xian's old Muslim quarter and its historical mosque.
  • Late Afternoon: Fly to Guilin.

Day 8 ~ Sept 16th: Guilin

Dragon Spine Rice Terraces
Dragon Spine Rice Terraces

Hotel: Guilin Downtown Sheraton (View Photos)
Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • Morning & Afternoon: Hiking tour to Long Sheng's spectacular Dragon Spine Rice Terraces. Over the centuries, the Zhuang and Yao minorities have sculpted 2,000 feet peaks with remarkable step-like terraces for growing rice in the hilly areas of Southwest China. This has created landscapes of immense beauty. We will hike between the villages following tiny stone paths carved out by the local people where life has remained unchanged for thousands of years. This journey is rarely included in a conventional itinerary.

Day 9 ~ Sept 17th: Guilin to Chongqing – Yangtze Cruise

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • Guilin's Li River
    Guilin's Li River
    Morning (after breakfast) and Afternoon you will see one of China's most amazing natural landscapes. We take a scenic ride thru the countryside to reach the pier where we embark on a 40 mile local river boat tour through the picturesque limestone pinnacles own the winding Li River. It has been written by philosophers to be the best scenery under heaven. Its misty limestone peaks rise from the earth as trees in a forest, and surround the city like mountains floating on air. We conclude this trip in the town of Yangshuo a town of haunting beauty.
  • Victoria Cruise Ship
    Victoria Cruise Ship
    Late Afternoon: Board domestic flight from Guilin to Chongqing for evening boarding of your luxurious cruise ship for the 3-night cruise down the Yangtze River. The Yangtze River originates on the Tibetan Plateau and traverses a distance of 3900 miles before flowing into the East China Sea, at Shanghai. It is the third longest river in the world, after the Amazon and the Nile. With over 700 tributaries, the Yangtze River has been the lifeline for China for millennia.

Day 10 ~ Sept 18th: Yangtze Cruise

Victoria Cruises: Victoria Katarina (View Ship Details)

  • From your private balcony, you watch the great Yangtze flow lazily to the east. Your ship docks at Shibaozhai (Stone Treasure Stronghold), a rural river town, for an included shore excursion to the 400-year-old, 12-story wooden pagoda, known as the Shibaozhai Temple. This colorful structure, built without nails, hugs one side of the Jade Seal Hill.
    Qutang Gorge
    Qutang Gorge
    Its tall yellow entrance gate is decorated with lions and dragons and etched with an inscription inviting the visitors to climb the ladder and ascend into a "Little Fairyland".
  • Your cruise continues in the afternoon and enters 1st of 3, the Qutang Gorge, the shortest, narrowest and probably the most fascinating of the three, noted for its fantastic scenery resembling an elegant Chinese painted scroll.
  • Dinner tonight is Captain's welcome banquet.

Day 11 ~ Sept 19th: Yangtze Cruise

  • Wu Gorge
    Wu Gorge
    Another day of incredible views awaits you upon entering the #2, Wu Gorge. The softly layered peaks form a surreal backdrop as the ship courses through the rugged canyons. So sheer are the cliffs that it is said the sun rarely penetrates. Wu Gorge, celebrated for its twelve misty peaks soaring above, has been the inspiration of Chinese painters and poets throughout the centuries. The most famous is Goddess Peak, which resembles the figure of a maiden kneeling in front of a pillar. She is believed to be the embodiment of Yao Ji, the 23rd daughter of the Queen Mother of the West. Yao Ji, accompanied by 11 fairy handmaidens, was sent to oversee the Jade Pool of the Western Heaven, and end up staying there to protect the boats from the dangerous rapids. These 12 maidens became the 12 sentinel peaks of Wu Gorge.
  • We disembark to a peapod boat for a trip up the crystal-clear Shennong Stream to experience the excitement and awe of bygone days of river travel in China. See the ruins of the ancient plank road along the cliff face as well as the coffins of the Ba people suspended from the cliffs above. The contrasting heights of these gorges and the narrowness of the river make this area one of the most dramatic scenes in the world.
  • Tonight dinner features local cuisine and enjoy onboard entertainment.

Day 12 ~ Sept 20th: Yangtze Cruise - Three Gorges Dam – Shanghai

  • Xiling Gorge
    Xiling Gorge
    Enter the 3rd and spectacular Xiling Gorge. Choose your vantage point as the ship transits the five stage shiplocks, the largest shiplock in the world. The ship makes a brief stop at Sandouping, the site of modern China's most ambitious engineering project – the construction of the Three Gorges Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant. View the current phase of this 17 year project. When completed, the dam will be 610 feet high and over a mile wide. The hydro electrical power plant will be driven by the world's largest turbines and have the generating capacity of 18 nuclear power plants. A reservoir 372 miles long will be created, with the end result of displacing 1.5 million people, submerging 1000s of their towns and villages and wiping out numerous archaeological sites. Whole cities have been relocated, precious topsoil brought to higher elevations and centuries-old lifestyles altered forever.
    Three Gorges Dam
    Three Gorges Dam
  • The cruise disembarks at Yichang, the terminus of our Yangtze cruise, we board a flight to Shanghai, China's vibrant financial and artistic center. Shanghai, literally means "above the sea", is China's largest and most dynamic city, with a population of 18 million. In the 13th century it became a minor county seat and so it remained until the mid-19th century when British commercial ambitions led to war with China. The ensuing Treaty of Nanking allowed the British to trade freely from certain ports including Shanghai. The city soon became an outpost of glamour, high living, and ultimately decadence. In the 1930s, Shanghai is renowned as "the Pearl of the East". Upon arrival, transfer to our hotel and enjoy the evening at leisure.

Day 13 ~ Sept 21st: Shanghai

Hotel: Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre (View Photos)

In 1949, the communist took over and Shanghai was stripped of its grandeur. In 1990, the Pudong area across the river from the Bund was declared as a special economic zone, and a revival started for the city.

  • Shanghai's Pudong Skyline
    Shanghai's Pudong Skyline
    Morning: Today we take you to futurist Pudong New Developing Area. Transformed from once fertile farmland, this new area is rapidly becoming the symbol of modern China with its clusters of shinning metal and glass skyscrapers of world class hotels, international financial institutions, and commercial centers towered above the Huangpu River. We visit the 88th floor of the Jinmao Tower, the third tallest building in China. At 1,380 feet, it is the world's fifth tallest building, as well as home to the world's tallest hotel - the Grand Hyatt Shanghai. From its lofty platform, you enjoy a stunning view of Shanghai.
  • Afternoon: Tour the People's Square and the famed Shanghai Museum, an unique and inspiring piece of architecture, home to more than 120,000 cultural relics of ancient China, including a priceless collection of jade, bronze, ceramics, paintings, furniture, etc.
  • Shanghai Acrobats
    Shanghai Acrobats
    Evening: Dinner, and then we attend a performance of the world famous and unforgettable of the Shanghai Acrobats.
  • Night: We go to the Xin Tian Di for a leisurely night out. Literally meaning "New Heaven Earth", it is Shanghai's trendiest destination. This 2-block complex of high-end restaurants (some of Shanghai's best), bars, shops, and entertainment facilities, mostly lodged in refurbished traditional Shanghainese shikumen (stone-frame) housing, is the first phase of the Taiping Qiao Project, an urban renewal project. Busloads of domestic Chinese tourists traipse through in the evenings, Western visitors feel like they've never left home, and hip young Shanghainese flood here to enjoy the good life they feel they're due.

Day 14 ~ Sept 22nd: Shanghai (Free day or Complimentary day tour to Suzhou & Tongli)

  • Old Shanghai Shopping Bazaar
    Old Shanghai Shopping Bazaar
    Option 1: Enjoy a full day at leisure to explore this magnificent city on your own. You will be provided with a specially prepared orientation list. We can stroll through the Old Shanghai bazaar, shop at Nanjing Road's emporiums, or visit any of the many museums in the city.
  • Tour of Suzhou & Tongli
    Tour of Suzhou & Tongli
    Option 2: Take a luxury Motor Coach to the City of Suzhou; China’s artistic center for over 1,000 years. A city of Gardens, traditional silk manufacturing and canals. Tongli is a typical water village.

Day 15 ~ Sept 23rd: Journey Home

Maglev Train
Maglev Train

Depart Shanghai as you board the Maglev, the world's fastest train using magnetic levitation, for your trip to the Pudong International Airport. The Maglev travels at a speed of 300 mph and covers the 20 mile distance in less than 8 minutes!

Land & Air Package Rate

$7245 per person double occupancy

Roundtrip non-stop international flight from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Beijing with Air China is included in this package.

Flight Information

You must arrive in LAX on Tuesday, September 9, 2014 by 9:00 am in order to catch your international flight. You will return to LAX on Tuesday, September 23, 2014 at 11:00 am. We are happy to help you with your domestic flight if assistance is needed.

Payment Details

  • Deposit of $4830 is due at the time of booking
  • May 15, 2014 – 2nd payment of $4830
  • July 1, 2014 – Final payment of $4830

Land Only Package

$6495 per person double occupancy

The "Land Only" package does not include the international flight to/from China nor does it include the airport to hotel transfer. The "Land Only" package does include all domestic transportation and transfers within China, but does not include the Shanghai to Beijing flight at the conclusion of the tour. Our "Land Only" package start in Beijing on September 10th (Day 2) and conclude in Shanghai on September 23rd (Day 15).

Flight Information

If you would like to arrange your international flight to China on your own, you should arrive in Beijing (PEK) on Day 2 of the tour with hotel accommodation included and fly back home from Shanghai (PVG) on Day 15.

Payment Details

  • Deposit of $4330 is due at the time of booking
  • May 15, 2014 – 2nd payment of $4330
  • July 1, 2014 – Final payment of $4330

Packages Include

  • All Intra-China flights, ground transportation and transfers
  • 1st Class hotel accommodations with private bath, daily American buffet breakfast
  • 3-Night Yangtze River Cruise aboard the Victoria Katarina in a balcony cabin. Victoria Cruises are an American run cruise company on the Yangtze River featuring Gourmet Cuisine.
  • Comprehensive Private Sightseeing Tours throughout the country including entrance fees
  • Total of 37 Meals as follows: 13 American buffet breakfast, 12 lunches and 12 dinners
  • Unique culinary events including an authentic Peking Duck dinner and a delicious Dumpling Banquet in Xian
  • Exclusive Cultural Program: Hutong tour in rickshaws including a visit to a local family home and home-hosted lunch
  • Special evening shows including Tang Dynasty stage show and a breathtaking Shanghai Acrobatics
  • Professional service of an expert, resident Tour Director throughout
  • Baggage handling service throughout China

The tour does NOT include the Single Entry Visa that is required for travel to China. The consulate charge for a China Visa is $150/person. If you wish for us to facilitate your Visa then there will be a $40/person service fee plus shipping charges.

For more information regarding your passport & visa, please click on the Passport & Visa Requirements tab.

Travel Insurance

Please note that travel insurance is required for this event. We have arranged a discounted group rate at $175 per person that will be included on your invoice. This insurance is provided by Travel Guard/Chartis.

Cancellation Policy

  • All payments are non-refundable.
  • Any cancellation for a "non insurance covered reason" are non-refundable; however, in the event of unforeseen "non covered" reason, we will do our best to resell the cancelled reservation and return all funds less a facilitation fee but there is no guarantee.
  • Reservations may be assigned to a 3rd party subject to the facilitation fee and approval from our office.
  • *Cancellations must be in writing by emailing your cancellation request to

Passport & Visa Requirements

Passport Requirement

Your passport should meet the following requirements for your China trip:

  • It should be valid for at least 6 months after your scheduled entry date into China.
  • It should have at least 2 blank pages—one to affix the China visa sticker and one for an entry/exit/security check stamp.
  • The blank pages must be labeled "Visas" at the top. Pages labeled "Amendments and Endorsements" are not acceptable.
  • It must be signed to be valid.

Your passport must be physically submitted to the China Consulate in order to get a China visa (which is affixed to your passport), either via Topless Travel, by yourself, or your representative.

Please take moment to check if your passport meets all of these requirements. If not, you could be refused entry into China. And if that happens, you might be required by China Customs to return to the U.S. immediately, which would be at your own expense.

If you need to renew your passport or get extra pages:

Contact the National Passport Information Center (NPIC) at 1-877-487-2778, or visit their website at for information on obtaining a new passport, renewing your existing passport, or for additional pages. Many local post offices carry forms for renewing by mail or obtaining extra pages. Allow several weeks for processing your passport.

China Visa Information

China visa can only be obtained prior to entering China (PRC). Your tourist visa (Type L) will be good for up to 30 days after the entry date to China. The 30-day visa is activated on the date you enter China, rather than on the date of issuance. You must enter China within 3 months (or six months as specified on the Visa) after the date of issuance, or the visa will expire. This tour only requires a single entry visa.

The China Consulates charge a flat fee of $150 for single/double/multiple entry visa for regular service (4-5 business days). If you prefer to have Topless Travel obtain a visa for you, a nominal $40 visa processing fee will be added on top of the consulate charge amounting to $190 for single/double/multiple entry visa and is an added service for Topless Travel customers. China visa fee is not part of the tour package price and is subject to change without prior notice. The visa payment is non-refundable once the visa is granted.

China has an embassy in Washington DC and consulates in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, and New York. You may submit your visa application at any of these consulates. Please be advised that China Consulate does not accept mail-in visa application due to increased security measures. If you choose to handle the visa application yourself, you must physically present your application and documents to the China Consulate, or, entrust someone to handle the application on your behalf. It takes 4 to five 5 business days for the consulate to process a visa application and rush fees apply if you require an express service.

For further instructions and assistance on obtaining your visa, please contact our office at 347-995-3884.

Call us for specific details! 877-90-SWING or 347-995-3884
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