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Thailand Adventure

*** September 16 - 25, 2016 * Couples & Singles ***

10-Day Bangkok City of Angels / Pattaya Beach / Chiang Mai Tour

(Optional 4 night add-on to Cambodia available.)

The Kingdom of Thailand is full of wondrous things to experience! Incredible THAILAND PALACES, unbelievable SCUBA DIVING, THAI ELEPHANT trekking, TIGER parks, GREAT GOLF, some of the best DINING in the world, Formula 1 go carts, some of the best shopping deals in the world, custom tailored clothing, the list goes on and on.

No matter when you go you will have good weather and a fun time. Thailand is equatorial. The warmest month is May. The coolest is November. There is only about 12 degrees F difference between the two. The month with the most rain is July and the least rain is March.

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General Information

Thailand is a feast for the senses — Noted by tourists from all over the world as one of the most EXOTIC and EROTIC destinations on earth. From Bangkok's eye-catching neon streets to mouthwatering dishes spiked with chilies and basil to the scent of incense permeating a Buddhist monastery in the countryside, this Southeast Asian country has something for every traveler.

Thailand is affectionately called, by all the travel writers, "Land of Smiles". This is because the people there are so friendly and smile all the time and that always brings a smile to the face of visitors. Its natural beauty can only be matched by its people's easygoing nature and deeply rooted spirituality, all qualities that have made the country the most popular destination in Asia.

Thailand's beaches are mythical: tall palms angle over pearlescent sand, coral gardens flourish in the shallow seas and beach parties are liberally lubricated with alcohol and fun. With a long coastline and jungle-topped islands anchored in azure waters, Thailand is a tropical getaway for the hedonist and the hermit, the prince and the pauper. The nightlife in Thailand is second to none; with the local ladies always looking to "Hook-up" with the tourists.

No matter what draws you to the country first, a Thai meal will keep you hooked. Adored around the world, Thai cuisine expresses fundamental aspects of Thai culture: it is generous and warm, outgoing and nuanced, refreshing and relaxed. And it is much more delicious in its native setting. Each Thai dish relies on fresh and local ingredients – from pungent lemongrass and searing chillies to plump seafood and crispy fried chicken. With a tropical abundance, a varied national menu is built around the four fundamental flavors: spicy, sweet, salty and sour.


Bangkok is a city much like New York in that it is cosmopolitan, sultry, cultural, exotic, erotic, and typically captivates every person who travels there. There are golden palaces and temples that will astound you. There are fascinating cultural differences that actually draw you into their lifestyle. It is one of the safest cities in the world and one of the few countries left on earth where the people there actually LOVE Americans. An interesting fact is that Bangkok is ranked 3rd most visited city in the world behind London and New York according to Euromonitor International's list of "Top City Destinations" with 10,209,900 visitors per year. Approximately 60,000 visitors go to there for medical services since some of the best hospitals in the world are in Bangkok and health care costs are about 1/5 of that in the states.

Pattaya Beach:

Pattaya beach is very similar in sight, smell, and raunchiness to that of New Orleans French Quarter but many times bigger. It is just a 2-hour drive outside the capitol with over a million residents and it is dedicated exclusively to the sultry, sexy nightlife with more than 800 night clubs, go-go bars, discos, and hip-hop clubs; and everything is dirt cheap there! It is a place that everyone should experience and you can easily get addicted to their style of living. You can shop till you drop for just about any commodity in both the gleaming new malls and the seeding street vendors. We indulge ourselves into every aspect of this sexy sultry town.

Chiang Mai:

Thailand's northern capital is an escape from the whirlwind pace of life of its southern rival. Nestled amongst forested foothills, Chiang Mai is much older than it first appears despite the constant arrival of planes and trains full of sightseers, it is still blissfully calm and laid-back.

This is a place to relax after the chaos of Bangkok and recharge your batteries with incredible sites and fabulous food. You could spend your whole Chiang Mai vacation exploring the famous Night Bazaar but know that once you've exhausted the art of the cheerful haggle, there's plenty more to explore including the old city and the surrounding wall.

During the city's medieval heyday, almost everything was made of teak hauled by elephant from the surrounding rainforest but now a sprawling modern city has grown up around ancient Chiang Mai, ringed by a tangle of superhighways. A mix of ancient and modern you will experience it all from the ancient longneck hill tribes and elephant sanctuary to the modern black lacquer and silk factories.

It is a guarantee that once you visit this exotic land you will find it hard to leave!

• Optional 4 night add-on to Cambodia available.

Hotels, Activities & Services

Bangkok: Much like New York City, space is a real commodity, and hotels rooms, even the 4 and 5-star high rise hotels, in the downtown business district of Bangkok are often quite small. We however have contracts with several hotels that have very spacious rooms. We have secured some of the best 5 star hotels in the country. Our package provides for deluxe class rooms but these hotels also have executive accommodations, as well as, large multi room suites for those clients who prefer more spacious and luxurious accommodations.

Pattaya: The hotels we use in Pattaya Beach are classified as 5-star accommodations. We choose them largely based on their proximity to where the "action" is and also based on our past good experiences with them.

Chiang Mai: The hotels we use in Chiang Mai are classified as 5-star accommodations. We choose them largely based on the convenience of their location to the sights we what to see and their comfort level for our clients.

Cambodia (Add-On Package): The hotels we use for the United Nations world heritage tour of Ankor Wat are all 5-star boutique hotels in the city of Siam Reap.


Daytime activities during our stay are typical of many tourists that visit Thailand. We'll do a city tour using the various methods of transportation that include the Skytrain, tour buses, and riverboat. We will visit many of the great golden temples and the Royal Grand Palace of the King as well as both the ancient old capitol city and the new gleaming modern shopping districts of this vast metropolis. We will go Elephant Trekking, visit a sanctuary where you can pet Bengal Tiger cubs, fee wild crocodiles, and shake hands with orangutans. Of course no visit to Bangkok would be complete without visiting the red light district it is so famous for, and we will get traditional Thai massages for only $8 per hour as well as many other spa services for pennies on the dollar.


The nightlife in Thailand is wonderfully bizarre, classically outrageous and by far unrivaled by any place on earth. We will take you to all the best night clubs, beer bars, Discos, Go-Go clubs, and strip clubs which have shows that will either offend you or they will astound you. In either case you won’t believe what you see. We will also take you to some of the best theater shows in the country.

Specialty Services

Thailand is a country where your dollar goes extremely far. There are two reasons for this. First is that every US dollar is equivalent to approximately 28-35 (depending on market) Thai dollars or unit of currency called the Thai "Baht". Second is that certain items in Thailand are produced there by hand and the wages are very, very low. For example, Thailand is known for the finest silk in the world. The silk worms are farmed and the material is loomed by hand. Hence you can buy HAND TAILORED CUSTOM MADE SUITS, SHIRTS AND TIES, (for both ladies and men) in the latest fashions for NEXT TO NOTHING. We have relationships with the best tailors in Thailand and will connect you with them.

Thailand is also known for the highest quality GEMSTONES in the world (except for emeralds-Columbia holds that distinction) and labor being cheap there, they are cut and ground at a very low cost and therefore can be purchased at ridiculously low prices. For example; you can purchase a 40 carat amethyst of exceptional color, for about 1/10 of what it would cost you on Jewelers Row in NYC or Philadelphia. We have ongoing relationships with the largest jewelry and gemstone manufacturer IN THE WORLD.

There are many other commodities that are available in Thailand that can be purchased at huge discounts over import stores in the states. Things like GOLD INLAID LACQUER items from nick-knacks to furnishings for your home. All kinds of 14, 18 and 24 carat gold JEWELRY at huge discounts over the states. Silks in every imaginable form, like tapestries, scarves, and wall hangings. We are in excellent standing with many vendors mainly because we have resident staff that live there, speak the language, and know the culture of the vendors. This insures your purchases are not rip offs and are the best deal that can be made.

Thailand Itinerary

10-Day Bangkok City of Angels / Pattaya Beach / Chiang Mai Tour

Travel Day: Depart USA

Fly from your respective city in North America to Bangkok, Thailand (BKK)
Board flight to Bangkok
Board flight to Bangkok

Your exotic journey to Thailand begins as you board your flight bound for Bangkok. En route, crossing the International Dateline and you will lose a day. You'll gain this day back on your return trip.

Please note: Because there are many different departure cities and many different airlines that can be used, with varying ARRIVAL times in Bangkok, you will need to pay particular attention to make sure your ARRIVAL DATE is Friday, September 16th AFTER 6:00 am and before Midnight.

Day 1: Bangkok

Arrive in Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok Skyline
Bangkok Skyline

Guests must arrive in Bangkok, on Friday, September 16th to meet your local representative and transfer to your hotel in the heart of Bangkok. Your hotel is conveniently located near major shopping malls, upscale restaurants, and tourist attractions. Relax and recoup from your flight and enjoy the day or evening (depending on your arrival time) in Thailand's historic and vibrant capital city.

Since guests could be arriving all throughout the day and into the evening no meals are included. For those that bought the early arrival package, Breakfast and Dinner are included today.

Day 2: Bangkok

City tour on Chao Praya River, Klongs, Royal Barges Museum, Wat Arun / Ground Tour of world renowned shopping complex at Siam Paragon / Group dinner (All Included in Ground Package)
King's Royal Barges
King's Royal Barges

Wat Arun
Wat Arun

Start the day with a hearty American breakfast (included in package) and group Orientation.

After orientation, we will get a flavor of how the locals get around on the Modern Skytrain that circles the city by taking it to the river dock where we will board a private boat for our tour down the Chao Praya River which is the city's main waterway. We travel thru some of the Klongs (canals) where much of old Bangkok lived in classic Teak houses on stilts and will make stops to visit the King's Royal Barges and Wat Arun, one of the great temples of old city.

Click here to read more about the Royal Barges.
Click here to read more about Wat Arun Temple.

Upon returning back to the dock we will move on to the incredible 1 square mile large shopping complex that includes Siam Paragon, MBK and Pan Tip Plaza and food courts. Anything you can imagine can be found here and lunch will be individually handled at one of the food courts. We head back to our hotel to freshen up for our first night's group dinner (included).

Day 3: Bangkok

Full Day Tour Ayutthaya the Unesco World Heritage Site of Old Capitol City AND the King’s Summer Palace. Dinner at Cabbages and Condoms. Hangover II Night time tour.
Ayutthaya Historic Park
Ayutthaya Historic Park

Soi Cowboy Entertianment Center
Soi Cowboy Entertianment Center

Fill up on an American breakfast (included in package) because today is a full day. Join us on a tour of the Ayutthaya ('ai-u-tay-ya') Historic Archeological complex. Ayutthaya, founded by King Ramathibodi I, was the ancient capital of Thailand from 1350 to 1767. Known as the Golden Age of Siam, it was the period when Thailand was at its richest and most powerful. It fell from the Burmese invasion in 1767 but remnants of its past glory are found in the architectural ruins all over the city. The Historic Park was declared an UNESCO World Heritage site in 1991. This exsursion (included in the package) has air-conditioned transportation, entrance fees to the temples, lunch and local guide service.

In the evening, we will have an optional dinner at Cabbage and Condoms. This is a famous tourist restaurant in Bangkok that was recognized by the Bill & Linda Gates Foundation for responsible tourism. Afterwards, you will be astounded with a tour (included) of the infamous red light areas of Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza.

The first bar in Soi Cowboy was opened in the early 1970's after Vietnam by an African-American veteran who used to wear a cowboy hat. The area is named after him and since then it enjoys a great popularity among the visitors. It is one of Bangkok's favorite late night entertainment centers in the heart of the city. Nana Plaza has the best of the infamous Bangkok "Lady Boy" bars. (Drinks are not included)

Day 4: Bangkok/Pattaya

Bangkok City Tour of Royal Grand Palace, Emerald Buddha, Wat Po (Giant Golden Reclining Buddha), Wat Trimitr (Temple of the Solid Gold Buddha worth 1 Billion dollars in gold)
Royal Grand Palace, Thailand
The Royal Grand Palace

Day 4 will include a tour of the more famous landmarks in Bangkok. You will start your day off right with breakfast at the hotel. Next, our tour of the city begins with a visit to the Royal Grand Palace. The palace, begun in 1782, consists of many buildings which feature some of the most spectacular architecture in South East Asia. The magnificent royal chapel, Wat Phra Kaew, which we'll visit in the same compound, houses the Emerald Buddha, the most sacred Buddha image in Thailand. We will also visit the spectacular King's Throne Room. The throne has been used by the king during important state occasions, such as the welcoming or accrediting of foreign diplomats and missions. The room itself has also been used by King Rama IX to welcome foreign dignitaries and heads of state. After the palace, we will walk to Wat Po, just a couple of blocks from the palace, to see the Reclining Buddha which is the largest housed Buddha in the world. From there we board our bus and travel 15 minutes to the temple of the Golden Buddha. Seeing this glimmering gold figure and hearing the fascinating history of this nearly 1,000 year old solid gold 10 ton statue will mesmerize you. The only place in the world that has more solid gold in one room is at Fort Knox which houses all of the USA's gold reserves.

In the afternoon, we will transfer to Pattaya Beach which will take approximately 2 hours in our air-conditioned motor coach. Pattaya City is located on the eastern shores of the Gulf of Thailand with a stretch of beach of about 15 kilometers in length, covering a total area of approximately 208.10 square kilometers. The entire city is considered an adult playground with more than 1,000 bars and 40,000 women that work them. We will check into our hotel and regroup for a late afternoon holistic Thai massage and then on to our group dinner.

Walking Street located in Pattaya
Walking Street in Pattaya

After dinner, we'll stroll down Walking Street where you will find all kinds of entertainment, from bars, discos, go-go-bars, cabaret shows and much much more. Walking Street is probably the most exciting street in the world for a group of open-minded people that like to have fun. There are over 150 Go-Go bars and strip clubs with over 10,000 dancers and strippers working the clubs. We will tour some of the raunchy sex shows as well as watch the extreme sport of Thai boxing.

Day 5: Pattaya

SriRacha Tiger Sanctuary with Saltwater Crocodiles & Cobra Show
Tiger Petting
Tiger Petting

Tiffany's Ladyboy Cabaret Show
Tiffany's Cabaret Show

After breakfast is an excursion to the world renowned SriRacha Tiger Sanctuary where you will be able to pet Bengal tigers, bottle feed a tiger cub and see why this facility is the world's leader in raising Tigers in Captivity saving the Bengal Tiger from extinction. We will cross into the other park where you can feed dead chickens to wild crocodiles from a suspension bridge and take pictures with Gibbons holding your hand and/or with the world famous scorpion Lady who has 1,000 live venomous scorpions affixed to her body. On the return we will stop at the Pattaya Snake education center named after the Queen. We will see a fascinating snake show and learn about how they develop anti-venoms and see the snake handlers dodge cobra strikes right at their faces.

In the evening, we will have dinner at Montien, a 5-star restaurant. Our entertainment for the night will be a show at World Famous Tiffany's Cabaret. Tiffany's Show is the original transvestite cabaret show in Pattaya. The incredible talents of the transvestite & transgender community, all drawn from the provinces of Thailand, are showcased in a Broadway type theater production full of exotic spectacular scenes that has been visited by audiences from all corners of the world. It is truly a MUST to see on any tourist itinerary.

Day 6: Pattaya

Sanctuary of Truth & Gemstone Factory
Sanctuary of Truth
Sanctuary of Truth

Our half day tour will start in the morning and includes stops at the Sanctuary of Truth and a government operated gemstone factory.

The Sanctuary of Truth is the largest wooden carved building in the world (300ft tall). This intricately detailed sculpture will conclude after almost 50 years of carving. There are Human figures weighing in at 5,000 lbs and it is constructed entirely of wood (no metal or nails) and commanding a celestial view of the ocean, the Sanctuary of Truth is best described as a visionary environment: part art installation, religious shrine and cultural monument. Constructed in four wings dedicated to Thai, Khmer, Chinese and Indian religious iconography, the architecture and setting is beyond impressive and a testament to human artistry. Read more...

Thailand produces the finest gems in the world. We can visit the largest cutting/polishing factory where you can see some beautiful gem designs unlike anything you have seen before and they can be added to your jewelry collections. This is a government sanctioned factory, therefore, the quality and authenticity of the gems are guaranteed for life. Learn more...

Tonight we will enjoy a Thai Dinner Theater with traditional Thai dancers and sword fights. Afterwards, we will take you to the most unusual street in the world with the weirdest bars and more than 1,000 prostitutes in them.

Day 7: Pattaya/Chiang Mai

Transfer to Domestic Airport for Flight to Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai Night Bazaar
Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

After group breakfast we board our luxury motor coach to the domestic airport and fly to Chiang Mai. Upon arrival we transfer to the 5 star Le Meridian in down town Chang Mai. We have a leisurely afternoon with time for a local 1-hour foot massage and then group dinner (included); after which we go to the world famous Chiang Mai night bazaar.

Day 8: Chiang Mai

Long Neck Hill tribe village / Elephant Sanctuary
Long Neck Hill Tribe Village
Long Neck Hill Tribe Village

Elephant Sanctuary
Elephant Sanctuary

Full day tour includes visit to Baan Tong Luang hill tribe village of the long neck people where we can buy their hand loomed silks and trinkets. View Photos

We'll travel to the Elephant sanctuary to trek thru the jungle on them and also feed them. There is an option to go swimming with, and wash the Elephant that you rode on. Learn More...

On the way back to the Hotel we will visit the most famous Temple in Chiang Mai: Wat Phrathat on top of Doi Suthep Mountain where you can see the entire city of Chiang Mai below you.

Day 9: Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai's Manufacturing Center. Silver / Lacquerware / Paper Umbrellas / Thai Silk
Paper Umbrella Factory
Paper Umbrella Factory

Chiang Mai is Thailand's manufacturing hub and we will go to the various factories with the opportunity to acquire their products at factory prices.

For those choosing to end their adventure in Thailand, there will be a late evening flight back to Bangkok for your final night's stay (included in the package) in order to depart for home on Day 10 (Sunday).

For those that have added the Cambodia Siem Riep & Angkor Wat Tour, you will have one final night to enjoy in Chiang Mai. The Cambodia tour will begin on Day 10 (Sunday).

Day 10: Bangkok

Bid Farewell to Thailand
Board flight to USA
Depart Bangkok, Thailand

If you will be returning home today, we will transfer you from your Bangkok hotel at the appropriate time to catch your flight. If your flight is later in the day, we will arrange for a late check out so you can do some last minute shopping in Bangkok. As you cross the International Dateline, you will gain back the day you lost when you arrived in Thailand. Chances are you will probably return home the same day that you left.

If you are continuing on to Cambodia, you will catch your flight from Chiang Mai to Siem Reap. To see the details for this package, click on the Cambodia Itinerary tab.

Cambodia Itinerary

4 Night Angkor Wat, Cambodia World Heritage Tour

This Magnificent complex has been named the #1 Travel destination in the world!
It is bigger than the great pyramids of Egypt.

Day 10: Depart Thailand to Cambodia

International Flight from Chiang Mai, Thailand to Siem Riep, Cambodia
Board flight to Bangkok
Board flight to Siem Reap

We will arrive in Siem Riep late in the afternoon and transfer to our exquisite 5+ star hotel, the Angkor Sofitel. Siem Riep is a town that the United Nations has help rebuild to accommodate the vast tourism that has occurred since the U.N. named Angkor Wat one of the top world heritage sites and Conde Nast and Travel & Leisure magazine has named Angkor Wat the #1 travel destination in the world as of 2015!

We will have group dinner and then go to the night market for a great local shopping experience.

Day 11: Full Day Guided Tour of Ankor Complex

Ankor Wat Complex
Ankor Wat Complex

Our guides will pick us up and we'll transfer the 15-minute ride to the Temple admissions complex where we will pick up your 3 day tickets and get your security clearance. We will first visit the Thom temples to get some of the history of the architecture, then we will have lunch at a local open air restaurant. After a hearty lunch we will ride to the entrance of the Angkor temple and walk across the bridge over the 1/4 mile wide moat that surrounds Angor Wat before entering the main gate. We will spend the afternoon learning from our guides how the Khmer people built this amazing structure over 1,000 years ago. We will have plenty of time to roam the various halls, climb up the many spires, examine the many reliefs and sculptures, and comment to each other just how awestruck we all are with the complex.

We will meet for a group dinner and head to Pub Street for drinks and entertainment for the night.

Day 12: 3/4 Day Tour of Jungle Temple Complex (Where Lara Croft Tomb Raider was filmed)

Jungle Temple Complex
Jungle Temple Complex

Our guides will pick us up and we'll transfer the 20-minute ride to the Jungle Temple Complex where we will walk thru the parts of the temples that have been overgrown by 200 ft. high banyan trees; some of which are perched on top of the various portions of the temple walls and spires.

After the Jungle temple we will drive to another one of the great Khmer institutions; The Great Crematory where all the Kings where cremated. We will have a chance to walk around and climb to the top of this colossal building of death.

Tonight is a free night to do as you wish.

Day 13: 1/2 Day Tour to the Pink Stone Temple

Pink Stone Temple
Pink Stone Temple

At your discretion, you can go on the tour to the unique and artistic Pink Stone which will take about 4 1/2 hours inclusive of the transportation OR you can stay and enjoy the amenities of our luxurious hotel that includes the pool and spa. In either case we will assemble after our late check-out to transfer to the airport for our Cambodia/Thailand flight back to Bangkok. This strategy allows for us to spend one last night in the city of Angels.

Remember the song..."One night in Bangkok makes a grown man humble".

Day 14: International flights back to USA

Board flight to USA
Board flight to USA

As the saying goes, "All good things must come to an end". We will transfer you from the hotel to the airport to catch your flight home. As you fly home you will go back over the International Dateline (back in time) and gain back the day you lost on the way to Thailand.

Package Rates & Details

Thailand Package Rates

  • Singles Package: $4995 per person
  • Couples Package: $3995 per person ($7990 per couple)

Thailand Package Includes:

  • 5+Star Hotel Accommodations
  • 20 Meals (9 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 6 dinners)
  • All tours and excursions
  • Nightlife tours (cover charges included)
  • 4 Full-time Tour Leaders / Guides
  • Entrance visa and hotel taxes
  • All ground transportation
  • Airport/Hotel Transfer (on scheduled event dates) *
  • Roundtrip Domestic Airline Tickets

Make sure you inform your credit card company of the destination and the dates of your travel so that they do not prevent your credit card transactions from going through.

* International airfare not included.
* BKK Airport to Hotel transfer valid for Friday, Sept 16th arrivals only.
* Hotel to BKK Airport transfer valid for Sunday, Sept 25th and Thursday, Sept 29th departures only.

Travel Insurance is REQUIRED. Please contact our office for a quote.

One Day Early Arrival

One (1) day early arrival package cost $295 per person and includes airport transfers, guide service, 1 breakfast and 1 dinner.

Extended Stay

For those choosing to arrive two (2) or more days before or depart any time after the scheduled tour dates we have arranged for a discounted room cost (in our 5 star BKK hotel) for those additional nights at a rate of $195.00 per person per day. *

* BKK Airport transfers are not included if you extend your stay.

Call our office to include an extended stay to your Thailand vacation.

Cambodia Add-On Package

Add an additional $2495.00 for singles and $1995.00 per person for couples for the 4-night tour in Cambodia at the end of our main Thailand schedule. The Cambodia package includes 5-star hotel accommodations with breakfast, lunch and 2 dinners, admission costs to the World Heritage parks where we have guided tours of the various temple complexes and international air from Chiang Mai (via Bangkok) to Siem Reap, Cambodia back to Bangkok, Thailand. Please note that your return flight to the USA should depart from Bangkok, Thailand on Thursday, September 29th.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations 151 days or more prior to departure will incur in a $50.00 per person cancellation fee.
  • Cancellations 101-150 days prior to departure will incur a 50% (of total cost) per person cancellation fee.
  • Cancellations made 100 days or less prior to departure will incur a 100% penalty. NO REFUND!
  • *Trip Insurance is REQUIRED. Please contact our office for group rates.
  • *Cancellations must be in writing by emailing your cancellation request to
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